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Bird watching Vacations in Rajasthan adds vibrant color to the yellow shades of the desert landscape. The sleepy town of Khichan, 4 kms from Phalodi is a sleepy town off the main tourist track is well known for Bird watching. The last few decades has seen the original settlers at the turn of the century, the Jain community, migrate to the Indian Metros. Every year though, around the month of August, is the turn of Demoiselle Cranes of Eurasia and Mongolia to migrate to Khichan. The local people consider themselves the cranes' guardians. Khichan has become a natural sanctuary for these winged angels and Bird watching tours have become the major attraction for travelers.

The Demoiselle Crane belongs to the areas of South Western Europe, Black sea, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, North and South Africa and Mongolia. In India the bird is known by the Bird watching fraternity as Kurjan (called so because it makes a noise that sounds like kurr-kurr), Karkara and Kunch. The advent of the harsh European winter drives these birds towards India and they fill the Khichan Desert landscape in numbers providing those on Bird Watching Vacations a feast for the eyes. The Kurjan feeds on insects, frogs, fish, wheat, barley and seeds of watermelon. Their numbers have increased by the year and it is estimated that 6000 birds migrate to India and much more are expected every passing year. And it is no surprise that Bird watching Tours to Rajasthan have also increased in recent years.

Bird watching vacations in Rajasthan is a visual feast for the Bird watching connoisseur. Get close to the famed Demoiselle Cranes. Take wings on a Bird watching tour to Khichan and you will want to fly back again. Experience India Tourism in all its colors.

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