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Demoiselle Cranes - The Royalty of Khichan

Demoiselle Cranes have changed the landscape of Khichan literally. A small sleepy town in the vicinity of Phalodi, Khichan has now become one of the most favored Bird watching vacation destinations in India. Any Bird watching tour to Rajasthan loses luster without a glimpse of the Royalty of Khichan - The Demoiselle Cranes. Come August and the Eurasian Cranes flock in large numbers to Khichan. And the bird watching buffs are not far behind. All this has made the Rajasthan Tourist Development Corporation promote Khichan in large measure.

In earlier times, the number of Demoiselle Cranes has been marginal. However due to organized feeding of the Royale winged visitors in a natural manner by the local inhabitants has swelled numbers to around 6000. In August and later, the village sky is dotted with black patterns as the cranes fight for attention with their typical krok-krok calls. Of late though, Bird watching enthusiasts and conservationists have encountered a few problems.

In recent times, the cranes have been disturbed by dogs and passing villagers. An effort to create a small feeding place (50 into 60m) was set up at the edge of the village. However this has become too crowded. To add to the problems, illegal encroachments have developed over the years much to the consternation of Bird watching vacation tourists. There has been also an effort to move the feeding area. The villagers though make sure the cranes are fed properly, all expenses borne by donations from local people and Bird watching tour buffs.

Oblivious to all, the Demoiselle cranes complete their early morning feeding and then alight on the sand dunes in large numbers. They face the sun, their tie-like black chest feathers contrasting with the blue winter sky. A short while later they depart in different directions in small family flocks. Once in the air they immediately form a disciplined order led by the female, followed closely by up to two sub-adults and brought up by the male and start calling. These sights are a feast for the Bird watching Vacation tourist. The mid day sees them collecting for a short drink, punctuated by an occasional bath or an acrobatic displaying of mutual affection between couples, a sight to behold for Bird watching tour enthusiasts.

The fond wish of all local bird watchers, Bird watching tour buffs, Bird watching vacation tourists and conservationists is that the grand spectacle of these Demoiselle Cranes is not disturbed in any way. Once their sojourn is over, these winged visitors from Europe and Mongolia return back leaving the small village of Khichan almost deserted. They return the next year - to the sheer delight of all Bird watching vacation tourists.

Bird watching vacations in Rajasthan is a visual feast for the Bird watching connoisseur. Get close to the famed Demoiselle Cranes. Take wings on a Bird watching tour to Khichan and you will want to fly back again. Experience India Tourism in all its colors.

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