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Desert Camping

Camping in tents in the sand dunes of the Thar Desert underneath the star-studded sky, you feel the cool desert breeze and wonder about life in the untamed countryside of this fascinating desert.

The sand dunes of the Thar Desert with their breath taking beauty carved by the wind, as it were wrinkled, create a mystical picture in the minds of people. The panoramic view especially during sunrise or sunset, astride a camel, leaves an indelible image in the mind. In this backdrop of the desert landscape and the ruggedness of the expanse of the desert one can spends hours admiring this marvel of nature. A better way is to take wings and watch the spectacle of the Demoiselle cranes. Or hire a jeep and zip away. Or just camp in the night under the desert skies accompanied by the bright stars that reflect dreams of yore.

For Hotel guests special arrangements are available for Camel Rides/Safaris in the Thar Desert. Jeep Safaris can be arranged on request. Arrangements can be made for a night or two in the tent camps amidst the Sand Dunes of Thar.

Bird watching vacations in Rajasthan is a visual feast for the Bird watching connoisseur. Get close to the famed Demoiselle Cranes. Take wings on a Bird watching tour to Khichan and you will want to fly back again. Experience India Tourism in all its colors.

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